Three Reasons To Have Your Gas Furnace Maintained And Tuned Up In Kitty Hawk, NC

If you have not yet had your gas furnace looked at by a Kitty Hawk HVAC professional this season, it’s not too late. A lot of homeowners do not realize the true importance of an annual gas furnace maintenance and tune-up, but it’s important for many reasons.

Here are the top three reasons to call a HVAC pro to take a look at and perform maintenance on your gas furnace:

  1. Use Less Gas This Year

Even when prices are relatively low, gas is still expensive, especially throughout the course of a cold winter. If you have your unit inspected, you can ensure that it’s operating as efficiently as possible and can save gas, which can save you and your family a lot of money over the next few months.

  1. Ensure Your Family Is Safe

Modern gas furnaces, as a whole, are safe for household use. However, you can never be too careful. An HVAC professional can make sure that your gas unit is safe and can provide you with tips and advice for safety, such as where to place your carbon monoxide detectors.

  1. Maintain Your Furnace Warranty

Your gas furnace might still be under warranty, and that warranty can really help you out if your unit breaks down. Your warranty might not be valid any longer if you don’t keep up with the maintenance. So it’s critical to have a pro out to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

As you can see, maintenance on your gas furnace isn’t something that you should skip this year or any year. If you are looking to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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Benefits Of Using A Heat Pump In Your Kitty Hawk, NC Home

There are many options on the market for heating your home – gas, oil or electric furnaces, radiant heating and electric resistance heating, to name a few. When cold weather comes to Kitty Hawk, heat pumps also offer a viable way of staying warm and cozy on the Outer Banks.

There are two primary types of heat pumps. The air-source heat pump uses electricity to generate heat that is then pumped into a building. A geothermal heat pump is similar. But rather than taking heat from the surrounding air, it takes it from the ground. Here are some of the benefits of using a heat pump for your heating needs.

  • Heat pumps do not burn anything to generate warmth, so they don’t create toxic carbon monoxide as a byproduct making them safer to use.
  • Heat pumps are very easy to use.
  • Heat pumps are less expensive to operate than other heating methods.
  • Heat pumps do not dry out the air.
  • Heat pumps are low-maintenance, efficient systems. An air-source heat pump consumes just about half of the energy it generates in heat. With a geothermal pump, that figure rises about six times.
  • Despite their name, heat pumps also can cool the air during warmer weather.
  • Heat pumps have a long lifespan and are very reliable.
  • Heat pumps take up less space than other heating units.
  • Heat pumps are better for the environment because they do not create harmful emissions.

Whether you are putting a heating system into a new home or retrofitting your system in an existing home in Kitty Hawk, heat pumps are an attractive option that can add value to your home and provide you with clean, efficient heat for decades to come. As you weigh your heating options talk to a local HVAC company about whether a heat pump is right for you.

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What’s Next When Your Furnace Is Broken?

So your furnace is busted, and now you have to figure out your next steps. The first should be to choose a reputable equipment replacement contractor in Kitty Hawk. Check out the customer references, the mission statement and their policies and procedures in regard to response times and customer service. Find a solution provider that can be counted on to show up when you need them.

Next, start your own research on products available. There are dozens of options for HVAC units; make sure you know what’s out there and what you’re interested in. Do you fancy a zoned system, where you can set different temperatures for different areas in your home? Does your health require a humidifier, or your allergies require a specialized filter or cleaner system? What about home automation and the ability to operate your thermostat via cell phone or laptop? A trained professional with experience in the field can help you determine what specialized options will provide the most benefit to you and your household.

Now, you’re ready to schedule an install. Be certain that you’re ready by making sure all of the little things you can do without the assistance of a professional are all sorted. Weather strip your doors and windows, clean out the space around the location of the outdoor unit, close vents to attics and unused rooms. That way, once your new equipment is installed, you’ll be all set for firing it up.

Finally, a savvy homeowner will ensure that they have plans for proper preventative care maintenance on their new system. Ask your equipment replacement professionals for their maintenance plan details in Kitty Hawk. Proper preventative care will keep you from replacing your new unit sooner than you’d like. You should have your system inspected annually at minimum, preferably twice a year. They’ll catch damage, and repairs will cost you less.

All this along with the advice of your chosen contractor will keep you comfortable, no matter the weather.

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Key Characteristics Of A Good AC Contractor

When your air conditioner is on the fritz, the first thing you do is call in a professional to get it working right again. However, how do you know you have chosen the right contractor? It can help to look for some key characteristics when choosing an AC contractor in Kitty Hawk, NC.

When you do business with someone, you want them to be easy to get along with. One of the most important characteristics you want from your contractor is for them to be polite. They should treat you and your home with respect. You should expect them to behave in a professional manner. You are the customer, so they should treat you as such and extend superior customer service to you each and every time you have contact with them.

Nothing is worse than being told a contractor will arrive at a certain time and have them show up an hour later. That is why you must look for a contractor that is prompt and always shows up on time. Of course, every now and then something may come up that makes them run late, but in these cases, they should at least extend the courtesy of calling you to let you know they will be late and set up an appointment if needed.

Above all else, you want an AC contractor in Kitty Hawk, NC, who is knowledgeable and experienced. Your contractor should have professional training in the field and know what he is doing. He should also be able to back up his work with testimonials from previous customers.

When your air conditioner needs a little TLC, call on someone who has the expertise to fix it right. Looking for these characteristics will allow you to choose the best AC contractor in Kitty Hawk, NC. For a contractor that is polite, professional and prompt, call North Beach Services Heating & Cooling today.

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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Electrical System?

Do you have to unplug your microwave in order to use your blender or turn off your television to blow-dry your hair? If so, it may be time to upgrade your electrical system. Talk to an electrical contractor in Kitty Hawk, NC to find out what your home needs to work properly.

Homes today have more appliances and gadgets than ever before, and older homes usually don’t have the capacity to keep up. They were built for a different time and were never meant to take the abuse of modern living.

Some of the signs that your electrical panel isn’t up to the job may include flickering lights, breakers that trip repeatedly or fuses that blow again and again, or worse, melted electrical wires. If you need a lot of extension cords to run everything in your home, that’s another sign that your electrical system is insufficient. An electrical contractor in Kitty Hawk, NC can inspect your electrical system and advise you on what needs to be replaced or repaired.

It’s not just about convenience, either. If your circuits are overloaded, they’re not going to be running efficiently and can impact your electric bill. Even worse, aging electrical panels can cause fire or shock.

Many people shy away from the idea of electrical service because they’re afraid of the cost. But there are hidden costs with having an aging electrical system. Overloaded circuits can decrease the efficiency of your appliances, shortening their lifespan. Constant tripping of fuses is inconvenient, not to mention dangerous. And having a more efficient system may help you use less power. If you ever plan to sell your home, buyers are going to want to know that your system is up to code.

If you’re not sure if your electrical system is performing properly, having an inspection by a certified electrical contractor in Kitty Hawk, NC is a good way to find out what it would take to make simple repairs or to overhaul your entire system.

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