What’s Next When Your Furnace Is Broken?

So your furnace is busted, and now you have to figure out your next steps. The first should be to choose a reputable equipment replacement contractor in Kitty Hawk. Check out the customer references, the mission statement and their policies and procedures in regard to response times and customer service. Find a solution provider that can be counted on to show up when you need them.

Next, start your own research on products available. There are dozens of options for HVAC units; make sure you know what’s out there and what you’re interested in. Do you fancy a zoned system, where you can set different temperatures for different areas in your home? Does your health require a humidifier, or your allergies require a specialized filter or cleaner system? What about home automation and the ability to operate your thermostat via cell phone or laptop? A trained professional with experience in the field can help you determine what specialized options will provide the most benefit to you and your household.

Now, you’re ready to schedule an install. Be certain that you’re ready by making sure all of the little things you can do without the assistance of a professional are all sorted. Weather strip your doors and windows, clean out the space around the location of the outdoor unit, close vents to attics and unused rooms. That way, once your new equipment is installed, you’ll be all set for firing it up.

Finally, a savvy homeowner will ensure that they have plans for proper preventative care maintenance on their new system. Ask your equipment replacement professionals for their maintenance plan details in Kitty Hawk. Proper preventative care will keep you from replacing your new unit sooner than you’d like. You should have your system inspected annually at minimum, preferably twice a year. They’ll catch damage, and repairs will cost you less.

All this along with the advice of your chosen contractor will keep you comfortable, no matter the weather.

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