Is It Time To Upgrade Your Electrical System?

Do you have to unplug your microwave in order to use your blender or turn off your television to blow-dry your hair? If so, it may be time to upgrade your electrical system. Talk to an electrical contractor in Kitty Hawk, NC to find out what your home needs to work properly.

Homes today have more appliances and gadgets than ever before, and older homes usually don’t have the capacity to keep up. They were built for a different time and were never meant to take the abuse of modern living.

Some of the signs that your electrical panel isn’t up to the job may include flickering lights, breakers that trip repeatedly or fuses that blow again and again, or worse, melted electrical wires. If you need a lot of extension cords to run everything in your home, that’s another sign that your electrical system is insufficient. An electrical contractor in Kitty Hawk, NC can inspect your electrical system and advise you on what needs to be replaced or repaired.

It’s not just about convenience, either. If your circuits are overloaded, they’re not going to be running efficiently and can impact your electric bill. Even worse, aging electrical panels can cause fire or shock.

Many people shy away from the idea of electrical service because they’re afraid of the cost. But there are hidden costs with having an aging electrical system. Overloaded circuits can decrease the efficiency of your appliances, shortening their lifespan. Constant tripping of fuses is inconvenient, not to mention dangerous. And having a more efficient system may help you use less power. If you ever plan to sell your home, buyers are going to want to know that your system is up to code.

If you’re not sure if your electrical system is performing properly, having an inspection by a certified electrical contractor in Kitty Hawk, NC is a good way to find out what it would take to make simple repairs or to overhaul your entire system.

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