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HVAC zoning systems in Kitty Hawk, NC, allow you to cool different rooms in your house separately. As a result, they provide every member with the personalized comfort they need. Home automation zoning involves the use of smart thermostats to control and monitor your zoning system when you’re away. Read on to learn three benefits of home automation zoning.

Personalized Comfort

Automation zoning allows you to set different temperatures for different rooms. This way, you can avoid hot spots in your home by directing cold air where you need it more. If members of your family have different temperature preferences, you can set the temperatures in their rooms at their preferred level.

Smart Scheduling and Control

Programmable and smart thermostats allow you to automate your home. These thermostats have the ability to learn your temperature preferences and adjust the temperature in your home based on the schedule you set. They have advanced sensors that control the temperature level as you prefer.

You can install a smart thermostat in each room in your home and manage the temperature in each room. Smart thermostats are better in that you can use them to control when you’re away from home. They’ll also offer energy reports and can diagnose your system and suggest maintenance.

Energy Savings

Without zoning, your HVAC system runs constantly to maintain the temperature in every room at the same level. Because you cool rooms that aren’t currently in use, you end up using twice or more of the energy you would use with a zoning system.

With zoning, you can cool your living room and leave your bedroom warm if you’re only using the former. This way, your system doesn’t have to consume energy in cooling rooms not currently in use.

Automating your home might sound like a challenging feat, and that’s why we’re here to help. Call North Beach Services Heating and Cooling to learn more about our home automation services.

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