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Duct Cleaning & Sanitation Services in Outer Banks, NC and Surrounding Areas

Duct cleaning

Keeping your indoor air clean and healthy is a vital part of preserving your family’s health. Indoor air can often be more polluted than outdoor air, and studies show that half of all sickness comes from breathing in dust, bacteria, allergens or microbial growth.

Those with allergies or asthma, as well as young children and the elderly, are the most affected by poor indoor air quality. Other factors that affect indoor air quality are the presence of pets in the home, indoor smoking, cleaning chemicals used indoors and renovation projects.  Over time, your home will accumulate dust and dirt that can be pulled into your HVAC system, circulating that dust and dirt throughout your home.

Duct Cleaning Service in Outer Banks, NC

Having your air ducts cleaned is a great way to improve your indoor air quality and keep your family healthy.  Not only will it keep you and your family healthier, cleaning your air ducts will help your system to operate more efficiently and save you money.

At North Beach Services Heating and Cooling, our duct cleaning service includes:

  • Register and grill cleaning.
  • Rotobrush cleaning and vacuuming of air ducts.
  • Air plenum cleaning.
  • Vent sanitation and deodorizing.

We also recommend cleaning your HVAC system’s internal parts at this time.  Additional cleaning services include blower wheel cleaning, coil cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning. Contact us today to find out how we can help keep your home cleaner and your family healthier!

North Beach Services, Inc., Heating and Air Conditioning, Harbinger, NC

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