4 Benefits of Installing a New Furnace in Corolla, NC

If your home has an older furnace that still produces consistent heat, you’ll likely try to wait until it finally breaks down to replace it. However, installing a new system sooner could lower your monthly utility bills and give you many modern comfort benefits. Here are four advantages of switching out your old furnace in Corolla, NC:

Boosts Heating Efficiency

An old furnace can’t compare with the efficiency of a new model. Outdated systems are full of old belts, motors and parts that need frequent HVAC maintenance and repairs. A new furnace will run more efficiently, saving you money during the coldest winter months.

No Pilot Light

Outdated furnaces often utilize pilot lights that burn constantly. They’re continually using up energy and can even impact your air conditioner’s efficiency in the summer. New models have electronic ignitors that only kick on when you need your furnace, lowering energy usage.

Offers Variable Settings

Choosing a new furnace allows you to boost indoor comfort by finding a model with variable speeds or zoning options. Outdated furnaces have limited functions, meaning they’re either off or on. Upgraded models can adjust their function speed to match your home’s temperature needs.

Reduces Furnace Repair Needs

The longer you keep your old system, the more repairs and maintenance it’ll require. Your heating system can reach a point where you’re calling for professional repairs every few months. Rather than struggle with the costs of maintaining an old system, you can save money and time by investing in a new model.

Installing a new furnace can majorly impact your daily comfort and costs. With decades of experience serving North Carolina’s Outer Banks, we would be honored to earn your business. Call North Beach Services Heating and Cooling for all your heating installation needs in Corolla, NC.

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