3 Common Myths About HVAC Thermostats in Kitty Hawk, NC

After noticing several myths about thermostats floating around Kitty Hawk, NC, we’re here to set the record straight. Read on to learn about three common myths about HVAC thermostats so that you don’t keep wasting energy and money.

Location Doesn’t Matter

The above statement is false because thermostats respond to slight ambient temperature changes. Drafty areas, exposure to direct sunlight and places near heat-emitting appliances can give false readings to your thermostat. Consequently, the thermostat sends signals to your heater or air conditioner, making your home warmer or cooler than it should feel.

Your thermostat must be free of obstacles and centrally placed in your home to capture genuine average temperatures. Also, ensure your programmable thermostat is within range of strong Wi-Fi signals to allow real-time adjustments to the prevailing temperature changes.

Much Lower or Higher Settings Make Your Home Cool or Warm Faster

The air conditioners blow air at a given rate based on the settings. The lower or higher the setting, the more time it takes to attain desired objectives.

As a result, your system will overwork over prolonged periods. These working conditions lead to wear and tear, shortening the lifespan of your system.

It’s worth noting that the higher the SEER rating, the faster the blower rate and shift in temperature changes in your home. You can’t cool or heat your home beyond its SEER rating. This means that turning your HVAC unit up or down by 15 degrees doesn’t reach your desired temperatures faster than turning it up or down three degrees.

Turning Your System Off When You’re Away Saves Money

Unfortunately, shutting off your HVAC unit when you’re not around doesn’t save you money. After a shutdown, your system will have to work harder to achieve your desired settings. Instead, install a programmable thermostat and input your preferred schedules. Incremental increases and decreases and consistent temperatures are best for energy efficiency.

Call North Beach Services Heating and Cooling for more tips about thermostats and solutions for your heating, indoor air quality and air conditioning needs. We also provide services for ductless mini-split systems, home automation and commercial HVAC systems.

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