4 Furnace Issues That Are Cause for Concern in Corolla, NC

Furnaces are essential heating systems for homeowners in Corolla, NC. Unfortunately, like every home appliance, furnaces experience breakdowns from time to time. Here are four furnace issues that should concern you and encourage you to schedule a heating repair right away:

Keeps Turning On and Off

It’s normal for your furnace to cycle on and off as it tries to maintain the set thermostat temperature. However, you may notice your furnace makes short on and off cycles without reaching the set temperature. If you notice such issues, it means that there’s a low circulation of air.

Lack of airflow emanates from clogged air filters, which restrict the entry of air into the system. Such issues cause your furnace to overheat within a short period, and it switches off. When your furnace frequently turns on and off, you need to check and replace the air filters. If that doesn’t work, schedule a professional inspection.

Stops Working

If you switch on the furnace and it suddenly shuts down after a few minutes, that means that there’s an issue. Such problems come from several reasons, such as restricted airflow, a tripped circuit breaker or a triggered safety switch. If your furnace stops working without any reason, contact a trained service technician for a proper diagnosis and maintenance.


Another issue of concern is a noisy furnace. Although furnaces aren’t entirely silent when operating, strange and loud noises signify a problem. You may hear a click when the thermostat sends a signal to the furnace after reaching the set temperatures.

You may also notice a whooshing noise when the air moves through the ductwork. Strange noises such as rattling and knocking indicate that something is up and the equipment needs repairs or replacement.

Doesn’t Turn On Automatically

Normally, your furnace should switch on and start heating once the thermostat signals. If you notice that it doesn’t turn on as set on the thermostat, it’s a sign that something is wrong. Such an issue may either be a quick fix or a more serious problem.

For instance, your furnace won’t turn on if the power switch is off. A service technician should have a look at the switch labeled “furnace” and try to flip it. Also, the furnace may not switch on is if the temperatures at the thermostat are too low.

Contact North Beach Services Heating and Cooling for heating services. Our professional team will help you with installation, repair and maintenance.

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