Heat Pumps: How They Work and Their Benefits

The moderate climate of Harbinger, NC, means that you need a heating system to keep you warm on chilly winter nights and a cooling system for relief from the hot and humid summer days. When it’s time to replace your current heating and cooling system, consider a heat pump. Heat pumps move heat between the outdoors and your house. Here’s how they work and how they could benefit you and your home.

Types of Heat Pumps

There are three types of heat pump systems. They include geothermal, air-source and water-source. The air-source systems are the most common type of heat pump for homes in the the Harbinger area.

How Heat Pumps Work

An air-source heat pump transfers heat between the outdoor air and your home. It does this with a chemical refrigerant, much like an air conditioner. In the summertime, the refrigerant absorbs heat from your home’s air. In doing so, it also removes moisture, which drains away through a condensate line. The refrigerant moves to the outdoor unit, where the heat passes through coils and into the environment. A reversing valve switches its function in the winter. To heat your home, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the outdoors, and the indoor coils release it into your home.

Benefits of a Heat Pump

A heat pump offers energy-efficient heating in moderate climates, saving about $460 per year compared to electrical resistance heating systems. It maintains a consistent temperature throughout your home, eliminating spots that are too hot or too cold. The best heat pumps offer variable-speed motors, which use the lowest possible amount of electricity and operate quietly. Because a heat pump doesn’t burn fuel, there’s no need for a flue.

When you’re in need of a new heating and cooling system, heat pumps are a smart choice. Their energy-efficient and convenient features optimize your comfort and add convenience to your life. To learn more about the benefits of a heat pump for your home, call North Beach Services Heating and Cooling.

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