How to Implement Home Automation In Your Home

The weather in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina can be unpredictable. Extreme weather events can necessitate changes to your home’s programmed climate control. Remote access is a cinch with an app for your smart phone and a home automation system. Here’s how to implement home automation in your home:

Start With Investing in the Right Smart Devices For Your Home

Create a design that will effortlessly upgrade your home. To improve efficiency, install smart devices to regulate temperature, humidity and air quality. Here are some of the devices you need to implement a home automation system in your Outer Banks home:

  • Hubs and controllers
  • Sensors
  • Energy monitors
  • Wi-Fi electrical outlet
  • Nexia thermostats

Install a Controller Like the Nexia Bridge to Interconnect Your System

Avoid downloading an independent app for each smart device. Instead, install a central hub or controller to manage all of the devices, like the Nexia Bridge. The hubs operate on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and several other connectivity protocols. Therefore, you can access your smart devices from anywhere.

Install Sensors Around Your Home to Create Zones

Install sensors to create zoned heating and cooling in your home. Multi-use sensors can monitor temperature and humidity. Some sensors can even detect water leaks and open windows. As a result, you can take charge of a situation before it escalates into an emergency.

Install an Energy Monitor to Conserve and Save On Utilities

Installed in the circuit breaker panel, this device allows you to regulate energy usage remotely. You can then determine if you left any electronics on while you’re away home. (To turn them off, you’ll need the Wi-Fi electrical outlets.)

Install a Smart Thermostat to Gain Remote Access and More

Use a smart thermostat to allow remote access and override the heating and cooling timers and temperature settings. With a smart thermostat in your home, you won’t have to manually adjust the temperature all the time. As a result, you can spend that time on more worthwhile things.

Install a Wi-Fi Electrical Outlet to Monitor Your Energy Usage

A Wi-Fi-enabled electrical outlet delivers energy usage data directly to your smartphone. You can remotely turn off any appliance plugged into the smart outlet.

A well-designed home automation plan incorporates comfort, energy efficiency and convenience. Contact North Beach Services Heating and Cooling at (252) 429-5325 to learn how we can help you home on the Outer Banks, North Carolina, smarter.

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