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If you’ve noticed that your furnace in Kitty Hawk, NC, short cycles or produces a burning odor, know that it’s probably overheating. Overheating will keep a furnace from achieving its full 15- to 20-year lifespan, so it’s important you discover the cause as soon as possible. Below are four possible explanations.

Old Age

In general, old furnaces will work with worn-out components, which increases the chances of overheating. This highlights the importance of heating maintenance, which can cover essential tasks like component cleaning and repairs if needed.

Faulty Gas Valve

Let’s look at two components in particular that can cause overheating if they fail. In a gas furnace, the gas valve has the duty of regulating how much gas flows into the furnace; if broken, it’ll let in too much gas, making the flames more intense and overheating the system.

Failing Blower Motor

A worn blower motor may become unable to distribute the hot air that the furnace produces. Overheating naturally results as that hot air stays inside the system. Or it could be that dirt and grime prevent the motor from venting.

Blocked Airflow

Airflow blockages can occur in the filter when you neglect to change it out. Blockages can occur at the vents, too, if you neglect to clean them.

Finally, if you block your registers with furniture, you’ll have airflow blockages. These can all lead to overheating by building up heat within the furnace.

North Beach Services Heating and Cooling can act as your one source for professional heating services in Kitty Hawk, NC. Our honest service technicians will always recommend the more cost-effective step, be it repairs or an outright replacement, and we back our results with parts and labor warranties. Call us today to inspect your system and quote you a flat-rate price for any professional heating repairs you may need.

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