Why You Won’t Regret Scheduling Fall HVAC Maintenance

Perhaps you haven’t scheduled professional maintenance for your furnace or heat pump in Kitty Hawk, NC. Once you take this step, you’ll be glad you did. Here are three ways in which fall HVAC maintenance can improve energy efficiency and save you money by lowering energy bills and preventing repairs.

Makes Your System More Efficient

For your heater to run efficiently, it shouldn’t have issues like dirty filters, filthy burners, loose wiring or blower motors without lubrication to hamper it. While you can and should replace your filter or clean it if it’s an electrostatic filter, you likely can’t tackle these other issues or even recognize them until your system starts to malfunction. By then, you’ll start seeing a rise in your energy bills, but timely maintenance can prevent this.

Preserves the System’s Lifespan

When you have service technicians coming over once or twice a year to clean the heater and eliminate issues that can hinder efficient performance, the result is less wear and tear on the system. Your heat pump may last a good 15 years or your furnace 20 years on account of this, and you won’t need to go through the hassle of requesting so many repairs along the way.

Helps Maintain Clean Indoor Air

New filters and a clean heater have the benefit of boosting your indoor air quality. The filters, in particular, will capture all sorts of pollutants like dirt, dust mites and pet dander.

Though this is far from the primary purpose of a tuneup, it’s still important. After it’s done, you and any family members who have asthma or allergies will be able to breathe more easily.

To learn more, call North Beach Services Heating and Cooling. We’ve provided HVAC maintenance to the people of Kitty Hawk, NC, for more than three decades. We offer Silver, Gold and Platinum Assured Comfort Agreements, each of which comes with numerous benefits like repair discounts and inflation protection.

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