Sand and Your HVAC System

Living in Corolla, North Carolina, is great, as you have unprecedented access to fun at the beach. However, one downside of living so close to the shore is the massive amount of sand that invades every corner of your home. One place that sand might get stuck is in your HVAC system. Here’s what happens if sand gets in your HVAC system and what you can do about it:

Where Sand Gets Inside Your HVAC System

The most likely place for sand to get inside your HVAC system is the condenser unit. While the unit has a protective grille over it, sand can easily fit through the slats and get sucked inside. When these sand particles get sucked in, they can collect in the condenser or ductwork. Your air filters will probably do a good job of capturing them, but the sand will cause the filters to get dirty quickly.

The bottom line with all of these issues is decreased performance and efficiency. Your HVAC system will be working twice as hard to produce cool, refreshing air. As a result, it’ll increase your energy bill and put more wear and tear on your system.

How to Remove Sand From Your HVAC System

The best way to prevent issues with sand in your HVAC system is to schedule regular HVAC maintenance. During a preventive maintenance check, an HVAC service technician will inspect your unit to prevent and repair damage from sand before it becomes a major issue.

One additional step you can take is to spray down your condenser unit with your garden hose once a month. This will clear out some of the sand until your next scheduled HVAC maintenance appointment.

Are you ready to improve your HVAC system’s efficiency? Take advantage of our HVAC maintenance plans. We can make sure your system is entirely clean so it runs smoothly without issue. Give North Beach Services Heating and Cooling a call today at (252) 429-5325.

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