Streamline Heating and Cooling With a Smart Thermostat

The weather in Corolla, North Carolina can be harsh, with blistering hot, humid summers and winters cold enough to make us shiver. Everyone who pays energy bills understands that keeping usage as low as possible is kindest to our bottom line. Smart thermostats are making it easier than ever before to save money on cooling bills. Read on to learn what a smart thermostat can do for you.

Eliminate Human Error

Humans are far from perfect, so engineers developed smart thermostats that learn your daily routine and adjust your home’s temperature accordingly. There’s no need to remember to turn the temperature down before leaving the house anymore. If you follow a routine, your thermostat will adjust to your schedule.

Changing your daily routine is no problem, either. If your smart thermostat senses a lack of movement, it’ll turn the heat down automatically.

Mobile Control

The only device you need to control the thermostat in your home is a smartphone. The thermostat manufacturer’s app is easy to use and sends automatic updates if it detects any unusual readings. It even sends alerts during power outages. Programming the phone to work with the thermostat is easy. It’s possible to control more than one home with the same smartphone, too.

Work With the Weather Conditions

A smart thermostat monitors indoor and outdoor conditions, like temperature and humidity. It generates and delivers information via email so that you can adjust your home’s temperature any time. An easy-to-read interface on its large display screen helps you get real-time reports or make the adjustments from your cell phone.

Are you interested in upgrading to a smart thermostat? Let North Beach Services Heating and Cooling help. We carry and install a wide range of connected controls that include Nexia technology. Contact us at (252) 429-5325 today for fast, friendly and expert service.

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