Should You Switch to Ductless Heating?

There are many ways to heat your house in Kitty Hawk, NC. While many homeowners still use furnaces, others have invested in other heating systems. Keeping your home warm during the winter with ductless heating is an energy-efficient way to secure your comfort. Read on to learn some of the benefits of ditching the ducts.

Available for Various Applications

You can install a ductless HVAC system in a single- or multi-zone setup. In a single-zone ductless installation, one indoor air handler inside your living space connects to one outdoor compressor. Several indoor air handlers connect to one outdoor compressor in a multi-zone ductless installation. Single-zone ductless mini-splits are perfect for mother-in-law suites, small apartments and garage conversions. Multi-zone ductless mini-splits are for larger properties.

Don’t Pay for Duct Cleanings

Maintaining ductwork is a costly expense. What’s more, damaged ducts waste energy and money via leaks. You won’t worry about paying for duct services such as cleanings and repairs with a ductless HVAC installation.

Don’t Pay for Filter Changes

You won’t pay for filter changes with a ductless HVAC installation. Mini-splits come with washable filters. As long as you wash your ductless HVAC filter every month, you can expect your mini-split to function as designed.

Safer to Operate Than Furnaces

Gas furnaces are combustion-based heating systems that can leak a dangerous amount of carbon monoxide. Ductless HVAC systems don’t pose this threat. As a result, they’re much safer to operate than furnaces.

Enjoy Cooling in the Summer

Mini-splits don’t only offer ductless heating. You can also use your ductless HVAC system to cool your living spaces in the summer. It’s as easy as changing the setting on your mini-split remote control.

Do you want to ditch the furnace and ducts and invest in ductless heating? Contact North Beach Services Heating and Cooling at your earliest convenience to get started. We’re happy to help our customers spend less on more comfort.

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