Watch Out for These Common Wintertime Heat Pump Problems

There’s nothing cozier than enjoying the warmth of a perfectly heated home during winter. It can be quite aggravating when your heat pump in Outer Banks, NC, stops heating your home. This guide will discuss common wintertime heat pump problems.

Frozen Outdoor Coil

It’s important to check the outdoor condenser unit frequently to ensure it doesn’t have ice accumulation. If you have a frozen outdoor coil, it may struggle to absorb outside heat because of the ice layer. The heat pump runs a defrost cycle to melt this layer of ice.

It transfers heat from the indoor air to the outdoor coil in winter, functioning as a defrost mechanism. Issues like dirty outdoor coils and refrigerant leaks can make it challenging for the heat pump to defrost itself. If the ice layer persists, consider contacting a service technician for inspection and repair services.

Draining Problems

The system can shut down entirely when a heat pump starts to freeze during winter. This prevents the liquid refrigerant from flowing through the heat pump’s coils. Failure to address this problem on time can lead to expensive repair costs.

One way to avoid the draining problem is to remove drainage plugs when not in use. When you use the heat pump during winter, you can also have an electric or gas heater as a backup. Additionally, you should keep all vents in your home clear of obstructions like furniture.

Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Carbon monoxide is a toxic, lethal gas resulting from the incomplete burning of natural gas. Carbon monoxide detectors are necessary for homes with natural gas furnaces or other appliances.

Carbon monoxide can seep through your home without you noticing it since it is odorless. When a pilot light flickers and the heat exchanger cracks, your home becomes unsafe. The safety of you and your family depends on how fast you correct these heating maintenance issues.

If your heat pump fails to function, don’t overlook it. Contact North Beach Services Heating and Cooling for professional heat pump maintenance services. Our skilled team is eager to address all your HVAC problems and restore your home to its usual comfort.

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