3 Ways to Minimize Allergy Symptoms With HVAC Maintenance

The humidity level in your Corolla, North Carolina, home can have a direct impact on allergy symptoms. Maintaining proper humidity levels is simple when you take the right approach, such as using certain household plants and adjusting the HVAC system. In fact, HVAC maintenance plays a large role in minimizing allergy symptoms. Here are a few specific ways routine maintenance can minimize allergy symptoms in your home:

Change the Air Filter

A dirty HVAC filter pushes dust throughout the entire home. This aggravates allergy symptoms and reduces indoor air quality. It also decreases heating and cooling efficiency, which makes your energy bills costlier than necessary.

A professional contractor who specializes in HVAC maintenance can inspect the filter and replace it if necessary. Generally, you need to change the air filter every 30 days in homes where allergy sufferers reside. Steer clear of washable filters because it’s nearly impossible to wash them entirely clean of dust and dirt.

Maintain Proper Humidity Levels

Have an HVAC specialist inspect the system for proper humidity control. Homes with high humidity levels tend to be a haven for allergens like dust mites. However, if the humidity is too low, it can worsen allergy symptoms by irritating your throat and nose. An HVAC service technician can explain ways to keep the home’s humidity level between the recommended level of 30 percent and 50 percent.

Clean the Ducts and Registers

The air generated from an HVAC system flows through ducts and registers before it reaches the rooms in your home. Dirty ducts increase dust and dirt in the air, and this can worsen your allergy symptoms.

Clean around the ducts and registers at least once a year to minimize the presence of dirt and dust. You should also consider the numerous benefits of a ductless heating and cooling system. This type of system is especially advantageous to those suffering from asthma or allergies.

North Beach Services Heating and Cooling specializes in HVAC maintenance and indoor air quality. Contact us at (252) 429-5325 to learn more about the ways HVAC maintenance can minimize allergy symptoms or to schedule an appointment.

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