Why Does My Heat Pump Run Non-Stop in Manteo, NC?

Heat pumps should turn on and off, operating according to pretty consistent cycles. Therefore, it’ll probably cause homeowners in Manteo, NC, some unease to notice their heat pumps running constantly. Here are a few reasons a heat pump might run non-stop:

Refrigerant Leak

Heat pumps need refrigerant to transmit heat from one location to another. If your heat pump loses some of its refrigerant through a leak, the rate at which it can do this will decrease. In a serious enough case, it may decrease so much that the system will not be able to turn off as it tries to keep up with the demands of your thermostat.

The only solution to this difficulty is to allow an HVAC service technician to perform repairs or maintenance on your system. Try to make it a habit to request maintenance at least once per year.

Thermostat Issues

Perhaps your system isn’t to blame at all for the fact that it isn’t turning off. If refrigerant levels are normal and nothing else seems amiss, you should turn your attention to your thermostat.

If your thermostat is old or has frayed wiring, it may transmit incorrect commands to your heat pump. One such command may be to continue running when it should be shutting off. This may also happen if there are issues with your smart thermostat’s Wi-Fi connectivity.

It’s Too Small

If previous installers installed your heat pump incorrectly and it turns out to be too small for your home, it’ll always struggle to carry out its work and may never turn off. Ultimately, the only way to resolve this issue is to remove your old heat pump and install a larger one. The installation team should carefully perform a load calculation before getting to work.

A heat pump that never turns off adds strain to your system, wastes energy and increases your monthly utility bill. Call North Beach Services Heating and Cooling and ask for our heat pump repair services in Manteo, NC, today.

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