Why Does My Home Feel Stuffy?

Residents of coastal North Carolina towns are no strangers to humidity. From the sea air to the summer mugginess, you know the best relief comes from heading inside to a functional HVAC system that dehumidifies, cools and keeps the air fresh. However, if your system isn’t working quite right, the air may not be flowing properly through your home. As a result, it can make your home feel stuffy. Find out how clogged air filters, dirty condenser coils, and blocked registers might be blocking airflow and causing stuffiness in your home.

Clogged Air Filters

Your HVAC unit has a disposable or washable air filter that you need to check at least every 90 days. Dust, pollen, fur and hair all get caught by the filter. The more the filter collects, the harder the system has to work to move the air through the returns. As a result, it’ll increase your energy bills and risk of requiring a repair. Anytime a blockage chokes airflow, your home will feel stuffier.

Dirty Condenser Coils

Your condenser unit sits outside and can withstand the elements. But sometimes dirt, leaves, and other plant material can collect and stick to the condenser coils. As a result, they can make it difficult to release heat. The system then has to work harder to cool your house, making the system run inefficiently and impeding airflow. An HVAC professional can effectively remove any debris from the condenser coils.

Blocked Supply Vents

The registers or vents in your home sit on the floor, ceiling or walls. If they’re on the floor, sometimes people cover them with furniture or rugs. Anytime one of the vents restrict airflow, the air can’t move through the house properly. Make sure you don’t obstruct the vents.

Consistent airflow from an HVAC system that’s working properly keeps your home feeling fresh. You don’t have to live in a home that feels too stuffy. Contact North Beach Services Heating & Cooling at (252) 429-5325 for annual maintenance.

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