4 Winter HVAC Problems You Should Watch Out For

During winter, you may encounter a variety of HVAC issues in your Devil Hills, North Carolina, home. By knowing the most common winter issues, you can describe them to professional HVAC service technicians and get a reasonable estimate for the required work. You will also be able to assess if they have completed the project correctly. Here are four common winter HVAC problems that you need to watch out for during the heating season:

Faulty Thermostat

If your programmable thermostat has broken components or its wiring is faulty, it won’t take accurate temperature readings. That will prevent the room thermostat from adjusting as it should to the temperature you’ve set.

Quicker Heater Cycles

Have you noticed your heater clicking on and off too frequently? It indicates a quicker heater cycle, and it happens if you have a clogged filter or faulty thermostat. Such cycles cause a lot of system wear and tear and waste energy. If you don’t resolve the issue, you’ll end up with higher repair and utility bills.

Uneven Heating

Blocked air vents or ducts can prevent the proper flow of air in your home. Restriction in airflow can also happen because of leakages around doors and windows and the accumulation of dirt, dust and debris in the heating system. A blocked or broken fan can also prevent free airflow. Due to the airflow issues, you may find that some rooms don’t get as much heat as others.

Frozen Pipes

Cold temperatures and ice formations freeze water and stop it from flowing freely through pipes and coils. That can stop the functioning of steam radiators and water heaters, and the pressure buildup can also cause the pipes to burst. In such a situation, you should turn off the water supply and call the professionals to handle the matter.

With regular HVAC maintenance from North Beach Services Heating and Cooling, you can look forward to a comfortable end to winter. Give us a call and we’ll address your HVAC problems as soon as possible.

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