Simple Solutions for Improving Your Home’s Air Quality

Do you want to ensure your family stays happy and healthy? If so, maintaining the air quality in your Nags Head, North Carolina, home is of the utmost importance. Learn about a few simple solutions for improving your home’s air quality so that your entire family can breathe easy.

Clean Your Ducts

Dirty ductwork is among the main culprits of poor air quality. The ducts in your home can easily accumulate dirt, debris and even animal droppings, all of which can affect the cleanliness of your air.

If you want to improve your home’s IAQ and protect your family from respiratory issues, scheduling professional duct cleaning is a good idea. A HVAC professional can completely clean your ductwork and identify any issues with your ducts.

Install a New Air Filter

Installing a new air filter can be an effective way to boost your IAQ. Over time, dust and dirt will build on your filter to the point that it’ll no longer be able to clean your air. As a result, it’ll contribute to poor indoor air quality. Adding a new filter, particularly a high-efficiency air filter, will restore your system’s ability to clean your air so that you and your children can breathe comfortably.

Control Humidity Levels

Both too much and too little humidity can impact the quality of the air in your house. For example, too much moisture in your air can increase your family’s risk of respiratory issues, including asthma and sinus infections. Controlling your humidity levels by properly sealing your home or by installing a whole-home humidifier can improve IAQ significantly.

Do you want help cleaning your ductwork to improve your home’s air quality? Call North Beach Services Heating and Cooling today at (252) 429-5325. We can clean and inspect every inch of your ductwork so that you can enjoy the fresh air you deserve.

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